We offer flower design classes year-round

We offer 1:1 and small group classes for every level of aspiring or seasoned pro designer. Inquiries for custom classes tailored for you or your group at the studio or another location to info@ashleyfoxdesigns.com

Allison visited the studio earlier this spring and wanted to learn the trick to creating an unrestrained and natural hand tied bouquet. We were both giddy over those peachy sweet peas and sunset colored 'Golden Celebration' garden roses.

In 2015 we also completed a few in-home classes for bridal showers and a women's retreat.

Other class ideas include, all taught in our signature style, of course: 

Table centerpieces

Holiday entertaining ideas to dress up your table or home

Flower crowns

One I have always wanted to do is with a group of gardeners and one of the gardeners hosts everyone at their home or other venue. We all bring our own cuttings from our gardens and also the host's garden then each learn to design a table centerpiece on site. Someone please inquire about doing this. It would be wildly fun. Especially paired with a guest chef to cook for us and then dine el fresco at the site of the class after we do the flower thing.

Images by (friend and designer as well as photographer)  Brown Sparrow Studio