Flower Wild Workshop in San Francisco

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I had the opportunity to attend my second, Flower Wild workshop in California in two years. You could say I enjoy these types of gatherings, and here’s why…

To Kate Holt of Flower Wild for your ever-present kindness, knowledge and super fine flowers. Being a part of one of your classes is always a boost to my business and heart: creatively, mentally and socially. Finding new, flower friends has been one of the most energizing parts of these workshops. I leave with a sense I am not alone in this journey of “flowering” for clients. There is a lot to know and learn and each time I take part in a workshop I am filled with a new ideas, confidence and validation for my work.

Lane Dittoe, it was a pleasure meeting you and many thanks for the gorgeous film scans!


I decided to include many images of the corsages and boutonnieres the entire group created. They are all so perfect!




Brie + David 6.29.14

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Breathtaking images by Brandon Werth Photography

Ceremony // Lyndale Park Rose Garden

Reception // The Varsity Theater

Makeup // Brett Dorrian Artistry Studios

Hair // A Cup of Blonde

Coordination // White Room Event

End of Summer bouquet inspiration

c140908_afoxdesigns_0001 c140908_afoxdesigns_0004 c140908_afoxdesigns_0006 c140908_afoxdesigns_0007 c140908_afoxdesigns_0008 c140908_afoxdesigns_0009 c140908_afoxdesigns_0018images by Red Bird Hills

Every year, around this time, I see the garden in its last steps of blooming and I want nothing more than to bring all the flowers together and remember them so, come January, I can look back at this slice of garden life and remember why I live in MN.  Of course, none of these photos would be possible without my beyond talented and generous friend Tasha of Red Bird Hills. She sees my flowers as I see them, and more. A thousand thank you’s.

See you next year, September.


Fern Hill Styled Shoot

ML5A7192 copy ML5A7195 copy ML5A7198 copy ML5A7204 copy ML5A7244 copy ML5A7286 copy ML5A7296 copy ML5A7302 copy ML5A7445 copy ML5A7454 copy ML5A7462 copy ML5A7472 copy ML5A7512 copy ML5A7545 copy ML5A7560 copy ML5A7617 copy ML5A7622 copy ML5A7641 copy ML5A7719 copy ML5A7756 copy ML5A7764 copyML5A7805 copy ML5A7648 copy ML5A7811 copy ML5A7808 copyGreen is my favorite color, so this spring I gathered up a few of my favorite creatives in a suburban, Minneapolis neighborhood, named Fern Hill, and styled a pretty little dream for myself.  I had been envisioning this fern-centric shoot since last September and to see it come to life made me literally jump for joy.

My gratitude to the following for your creativity, enthusiasm and love of all things green, mossy and fern-y:

Floral and Styling: Ashley Fox Designs
Vintage Dress: Emma Paige Design

Model (hair and makeup her own): Carrie Guenther


Published! in the book: Fresh From the Field Wedding Flowers

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So this happened. I got published.

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine photos of my designs to be in an actual touch-and-turn-the-pages book. I am honored to be included. The book features designers from all over the world who, like me, relish and believe in, using local flowers in their wedding designs.

Many thanks to the following: Prairie Garden Farm for supplying me with amazing locally grown product and for tipping off Lynn Byczynski, co-author of the book, to my little operation here. To Lynn and Erin, the authors, who I admire for not only their work on this book, but for their dedication to producing amazing cut flowers for hundreds (thousands?) of designers and fans.

To my dear friends, Tasha Herggott of Red Bird Hills, and Erin Bell of Erin Bell Photography for their contributions to the book that made this possible. What they do with a lens is magic.

And to my children, who put up with me in the studio hour after hour, “playing” with flowers.

To purchase the book click here


Prairie Garden Farm in Starbuck, MN. Buy their flowers. They sell amazing cut varieties to the Twin Cities area and are the nicest people in the world.

Lynn Bycznski author of Growing For Market Her site is an amazing resource for nationally grown local food and flowers.

Erin Benzakein of Floret Flower Farm is a must read site and blog for anyone who loves flowers on any level. growing or designing. She is wonder woman.

Red Bird Hills  With me from the beginning of my career, Tasha can capture a moment, the light and an angle that I don’t see and I am one picky gal. I couldn’t be more thankful to have her in my life.

Erin Bell Photography  I love being around people who are just as passionate about their work as I am about mine, and Erin encompasses that perfectly. Working with her has been been sheer joy. And her images reflect that passion.


Wedding Workshop Part Two: Bouquets, etc.


Erin-Bell-Photography-AFD-Workshop-5498 Erin-Bell-Photography-AFD-Workshop-5544 Erin-Bell-Photography-AFD-Workshop-5548 Erin-Bell-Photography-AFD-Workshop-5529



Erin-Bell-Photography-AFD-Workshop-5476Erin-Bell-Photography-AFD-Workshop-5639 Erin-Bell-Photography-AFD-Workshop-5633Erin-Bell-Photography-AFD-Workshop-5667Erin-Bell-Photography-AFD-Workshop-5696

Erin-Bell-Photography-AFD-Workshop-5467Erin-Bell-Photography-AFD-Workshop-5765 Erin-Bell-Photography-AFD-Workshop-5774Erin-Bell-Photography-AFD-Workshop-5914  Erin-Bell-Photography-AFD-Workshop-5793

Erin-Bell-Photography-AFD-Workshop-5790 Erin-Bell-Photography-AFD-Workshop-5851 Erin-Bell-Photography-AFD-Workshop-5880 Erin-Bell-Photography-AFD-Workshop-5882

Erin-Bell-Photography-AFD-Workshop-6159 Erin-Bell-Photography-AFD-Workshop-5479 Erin-Bell-Photography-AFD-Workshop-5914 Erin-Bell-Photography-AFD-Workshop-5928 Erin-Bell-Photography-AFD-Workshop-5951Erin-Bell-Photography-AFD-Workshop-5960 Erin-Bell-Photography-AFD-Workshop-5983

Thank you to Erin Bell Photography for these delicate, whisper-beautiful images of the bouquets from the wedding workshop we had back in April. To the students, thank you for your love of flowers, inspiring designs, and eagerness to learn. It was a my pleasure bringing you all together on this day.

To Carrie, our model. You indulge me your time and beauty when I need it for my creative endeavors. Thank you, my friend.

If you are interested in attending a wedding flowers workshop with Ashley Fox Designs, with a group or your own private class, email me at




Wedding Workshop Part One: For The Table

Erin-Bell-Photography-AFD-Workshop-6012 Erin-Bell-Photography-AFD-Workshop-6028 Erin-Bell-Photography-AFD-Workshop-6046 Erin-Bell-Photography-AFD-Workshop-6041 Erin-Bell-Photography-AFD-Workshop-6067 Erin-Bell-Photography-AFD-Workshop-6092 Erin-Bell-Photography-AFD-Workshop-6116

Erin-Bell-Photography-AFD-Workshop-5739 Erin-Bell-Photography-AFD-Workshop-5566 Erin-Bell-Photography-AFD-Workshop-6094 Erin-Bell-Photography-AFD-Workshop-5470 Erin-Bell-Photography-AFD-Workshop-5474 Erin-Bell-Photography-AFD-Workshop-5485 Erin-Bell-Photography-AFD-Workshop-6118

The first Ashley Fox Designs Wedding Flowers Workshop was held in April on a stormy afternoon in Minnesota. Students came to learn about the wedding industry, how to talk to brides about their wedding flowers and of course, design with delicate spring blooms and heirloom garden roses from California. Thank you to the students who attended for placing your confidence in me. It was a thrill guiding your creativity and talents that day.

Many thanks to Eric Sandstrom of Floral Logic for rental of your sleek, new studio space and allowing us make ourselves at home at your work benches for a day. To Erin Bell Photography. We could not have done this without you and your always brilliant angles and captures of the flowers. Thank you friends.

Tomorrow I will post the second half of the workshop: bouquets, etc.







Best of Floral Nomination From MN Bride Magazine



Thank you to Minnesota Bride Magazine for nominating my studio in your Best of Floral category for the fourth year in a row!!!  This job invigorates, nourishes and thrills me to no end and your support is always sweet icing on the cake.

Thank you to clients, vendors, family and friends for your lasting support and love.  The winners of the Best of 2014 will be announced at the awards ceremony in July (aka: big, fun party where I get to laugh with all of these industry peeps and friends I never see because we all work so hard). Congratulations to all of the other nominees! See the full list here.

images Spencer Combs

Featured In Dainty Obsessions Magazine: Chelsey + John


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-2 -5 -6 -8 -12 -17

above images by Bella Vita Studio

below images by Ashley Fox Designs

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Thank you to Dainty Obsessions Magazine, the vendors and absolutely to my crew on this one. Sima, Jen and Jill, marvelous work ladies.

Wedding Coordination and Design: Lizie Anne Weddings

Venue: RoseBrook Farm, Maple Plain MN

Photographer: Bella Vita Studios

Floral: Ashley Fox Designs

Catering: Chowgirls

Bartenders: With a Twist

Rentals: Ultimate Events / Rudy’s Rustic / On Solid Ground Vintage Rentals

Ceremony music: Legacy Ensemble 

Band: Metro Jam

Dessert: Pine Tree Apple Orchard 

going green


Out of the studio March 23-29

Filling the last week of March with a trip to CA, one of my favorite places. Fell in love with it last year. It’s just so…warm and green. Escaping MN for a bit to see the ocean with the family and take in some sights. I will be back in the studio April 1st. No foolin.