Best of Floral Nomination From MN Bride Magazine



Thank you to Minnesota Bride Magazine for nominating my studio in your Best of Floral category for the fourth year in a row!!!  This job invigorates, nourishes and thrills me to no end and your support is always sweet icing on the cake.

Thank you to clients, vendors, family and friends for your lasting support and love.  The winners of the Best of 2014 will be announced at the awards ceremony in July (aka: big, fun party where I get to laugh with all of these industry peeps and friends I never see because we all work so hard). Congratulations to all of the other nominees! See the full list here.

images Spencer Combs

Featured In Dainty Obsessions Magazine: Chelsey + John


Screen shot 2014-04-02 at 10.10.38 PM Screen shot 2014-04-02 at 10.11.03 PM Screen shot 2014-04-02 at 10.11.17 PM Screen shot 2014-04-02 at 10.11.30 PM

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-2 -5 -6 -8 -12 -17

above images by Bella Vita Studio

below images by Ashley Fox Designs

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Thank you to Dainty Obsessions Magazine, the vendors and absolutely to my crew on this one. Sima, Jen and Jill, marvelous work ladies.

Wedding Coordination and Design: Lizie Anne Weddings

Venue: RoseBrook Farm, Maple Plain MN

Photographer: Bella Vita Studios

Floral: Ashley Fox Designs

Catering: Chowgirls

Bartenders: With a Twist

Rentals: Ultimate Events / Rudy’s Rustic / On Solid Ground Vintage Rentals

Ceremony music: Legacy Ensemble 

Band: Metro Jam

Dessert: Pine Tree Apple Orchard 

going green


Out of the studio March 23-29

Filling the last week of March with a trip to CA, one of my favorite places. Fell in love with it last year. It’s just so…warm and green. Escaping MN for a bit to see the ocean with the family and take in some sights. I will be back in the studio April 1st. No foolin.

Valentine’s Day Photo Shoot Featured on Style Me Pretty

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On a chilly and sunny, January day I collaborated with these amazing vendors to create a sweet meets soft, Valentine’s Day inspired shoot. Seen on Midwest Style Me Pretty blog.

Thank you to all of the vendors for their talents and lovely work!

Photography: Jody Savage Photography | Floral Design: Ashley Fox Designs | Invitations: Paperista | Event Planning: Simply Loves | Hair & Makeup: Lisa Reinhardt Makeup & Hair Artistry  | Bridal Wear: Bridal Bliss Designs | Chairs: Ruby’s Rustic Rentals | Dessert Favors: Cocoa & Fig | Men’s Wear: Hammer Made | School: Historic Chaska School House | Table: Shop 501 | Table Settings: Apres Party And Tent Rental

Happy Hearts


Flowers make people smile. It’s good to see in the middle of winter.


Wedding Floral Classes Spring 2014


Wedding Floral Classes
Saturday and Sunday, April 26 & 27, 2014
9am – 5pm each day

These classes are for people who are interested in starting their own flower business, wedding planners who would like a larger background knowledge of floral, or anyone who loves flowers and wants to know more about designing them.
Sign up for one or both classes. Up to 5 students per class. Minimum enrollment of 3 students required per class.

Saturday: Contracts/ how to order flowers/ design a table center:  Students will discover how to help a bride take her wedding flower ideas and make them a reality.  Learn what kind and how many flowers to order during a particular season. Take home hard copy proposal and contract examples to make communication between you and your clients effective, up front and clear from the beginning. Students will also design a table center in a footed bowl before the day is done using seasonal blooms.

Sunday: Designing personal flowers: Students will have the opportunity to design a hand tied, romantic and natural, picked from the garden style bouquet from a large collection of spring flowers. Emphasis on this day will be learning every aspect in creating a bride’s bouquet.  From choosing the right stems that will look lovely and last for your client, to the care and timing of designing one of these ephemeral beauties.  Other flowering activities will include: a floral crown, a wrist corsage (don’t worry, you’ll like this one, I promise) and a gent’s boutonniere.


Each day will be filled with “behind the bench” notes on how wedding flowers are envisioned, created, stored, managed, babysat, swooned over and, of course, a gardening tip or two about some of your favorite MN grown flowers.

Morning coffee and treats, lunch and beverages provided each day.

Contact Ashley Fox with any questions you may have regarding the classes.

click here to register



Images by Jose Villa




searching for interns

 Ashley Fox Designs is looking for interns!


Two spots are available in my studio for the April – October 2014 wedding season. This is the real deal, flower lovers; hard work and lovely blooms. There will be flowers everyday. You will have stems to process, blooms to fluff (more on that later), design work, lots of coffee, many heavy things to lift–and lift again, buckets to wash, vases to count and deliveries with me. See what it takes to make pretty flowers look incredible at a wedding.  Start to finish. 

Interested?  Contact Ashley at and tell her your “why I love flowers”story and why you would make a great intern. 


Bree + Shane

1005020_633415739009_1453192233_n 1471995_633421722019_857927941_n 1468553_633416642199_1391454732_n 999220_633415155179_637109355_n 994663_633417680119_1513667144_n 1425793_633416512459_850217421_n 1468549_633415983519_487426650_n 1461220_633421003459_1884333222_n 1457628_633420105259_47973048_n 1464715_633421362739_1466052520_n

1477958_633421367729_2098904709_n“The World Is Yours”

1462976_633422979499_1994513835_n 1472901_633424162129_628766386_n 1488152_633422734989_1577745490_n

November 2, 2013, my last wedding of the 2013 season and what a way to go! I loved this color palate, the roses, that location and an incredible bride & groom and vendors. It doesn’t get much better.

Images by DnK Photography

Coordination by L’event Management

Venue Aria in Minneapolis, MN

Harvest table inspiration shoot

Gwup8O5FlWvUv_KHhnCVVVZEkOAhCKwXJgSEKLOz9M0,QpsDe5v8ybPLgMfV8geeaQY_1fKeAG64wQRqIiq9C7E _ogjH-s2heRu5nfMbsITSG96QY8cndarLBpXid_g5D4,i6jfATyGYEadHaAtHoPDpqqvw_G_lzPJ5poJKFpLnf8 -9bsfwMtWrfVhDSn4keGArm87bZUGlwOMICHXjsCRCY,R00LbEEz2XkpHUGG79tI6mqH0Hvdk-bByX6tLx6XVY0 -AZnDCtTdxmETl3F7v9iI8HjKTKteA-2V7Wrm_eCFTA,A9vSmvnBMEwJxllR_EP2vrVa-ijRJ9PBI0K3g9DWOfM 3G9A1eVHpGG9rjfvsgcyng75KLP4egtNcr76JPSBejA,s90xShnKkCNegHs81olkb6d35hjRicJhnd36a9w-ewQ a4-d5TmwIStMPno-yBcRyaDH-zUZPY2vBA3r8jqUZO8,x_NCw5p15Pnmhgaal4BKb9nbf6BEIoaThvK2Qapx7fw dALku_rRp5gL_yrf62ZwgD1-Yqfe4W_pWC-p-pwFZXY,IprwQlMibG7LUKNEkfaVmHcFAjiICLgh3ecWSH4oGpI farm0022 farm0023 farm0067 fOi2C-2gv9VvoxQk7TvhqxJvAqKPjWM8ceYBnM4KIUU,lBqjs_p8oMHES_fjjO9g8K9DcfpQHubBMvKiT-xVwx4 GHScrr7Tuh87q_hW7riSjoL9BzFow4cEWVlgU7ymGwk,C_25tSb6mRhdyDqwg6Ga8LZo03g0CksB--5ExaRLvlY,k68vyeBPOM-fAsxFyeNdgjkvhU6eqU_WknckXHaxbw0 HtsK-3LU_T1rI-ySZj-pzMvYPmTJ-2tp_ooNBlTd4OA,uK3KlbxOzPjwZ4r-SOl0G8KkMumFhUicqI1pQjWL_hI nbHmaNlCk3Iy6OvqkJApVRDZQLjD1HSfP5MucNbHu2M,K0atrYpr6rTlgqc8l_x_BDR8o45KQvlTtXnO-jaqwLs OiA5NFEgC9VQ1I6RTmwCM44lW01i5b4RxYWoFWquhHM,vDlxEcwWy8bqCrU4VHPJ22R9IFaC1JvyRj9FKUAEni8 QXbvc1iBoZQ9OwBjQGd6aXqkqu1xhf71eAdNgmQMJ00,hkukDmQGH6jRF7Kgsi2pcMZaAOYLQFN2o2w7N3vXKZU s2nC6UA8gr7LboWJyOPc_kg0oxYPffp6WRF1GEjoBzE,Mte1ekvubnvHip1RXs5Ka7IAvZVVBayZAUu2MJEEZYQ,1nEgOd2mEl134aOYOYsE7GjNEA62ErYnlyBm-aTTZWc TG6TD3nZkip1LvxsRvbOZ83rnwnD_R_rKLs6zSKSMD4,IuXPYiRXyqoyJfJLtjZGHOuBkhebrXq4rxc_fG25rWE,Wlw3naD20RTPZBUPzN0etrD3PaPcgY38WY3z3RkaB_s UooEuPj7WBI7nauvSBhQjP-ZQBAQJE1jtHHzd__Lob8,XCivD-4rLr3HEBui7d-cKeCPFzbG4315nkiDIVUpG-8 uUPjgiYSE13PZMLFjswYhuH0cr8PHuEXXcY355bvJ2k,WBQddp362UiGcHCIRAnn6KB7zl9EW2k-Pk_EMMLQ6j4

A collaboration shoot featured in Hearten Magazine

Styling by Blush & Whim

Images by Studio Laguna

Table and chairs from A Vintage Type

Floral by Ashley Fox Designs

Menu by Paperista

Napkins from Linen Effects

Peony inspiration photo shoot

Erin-Bell-Photography-AFD-042 Erin-Bell-Photography-AFD-066  soft-simple-bouquet-recipe-01 erin-bell-680x450

Erin-Bell-Photography-AFD-106 Erin-Bell-Photography-AFD-115 Erin-Bell-Photography-AFD-133

Had some peony growing. Had a dress. Called a friend/model and a friend/photographer, then we did a photo shoot. Sometimes the simplest ideas, which happen in the shortest amounts of time, create the most magic moments.  Thank you, friends!

This June bouquet featured three ingredients: ‘Cutie’ Peony, hawthorn branches and ornamental oregano.

images featured on Ruffled blog here.

as-pretty-as-it-gets images by Erin Bell Photography